Dennys   website
800 S Kings Hwy
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina  29577
843- 448-7764
Classification: Coffee Shop
Waterfront? No
Dress Code; Casual
Reservations Required? No
Reservations Suggested? No
Price Points: Budget
Specialties: Breakfast
Rating: Decent
The servers are excellent, day or night, we especially like Randy on the late night shift. But, we have now been served by several wait staff, and all did an excellent job.

The food is always well prepared, and arrives hot. The staff are always right on the ball. The dining area is always cleaned, and after a party leaves a mess, it is cleaned up when the table is bussed. The restrooms have been clean every time. It is the best Dennys we have been to in our travels.

The pancakes here are piled high, and are light and fluffy. The salads are bountiful and worth every cent. The coffee, well, it's Dennys, not Starbucks. But, given Starbucks isn't open at midnight, this coffee is pretty good.

We have been in this restaurant numerous times, and I have  yet to see anyone get bad service, even parties of a dozen or so.

The only downside to this restaurant is the management has a tendency to stand around and gossip with some customers or other persons in management, talking loud enough for customers to hear.

That is a  real turn off when you come to have an enjoyable dining experience, and can put a real damper on an evening out, depending on what you hear. Private personal matters, including employee reprimand should be spoken in private areas of the restaurant, not within ear shot of the paying customers. They lost points for this reason alone.
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