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City Of Myrtle Beach South Carolina Evacuation Preparedness

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City Of Myrtle Beach South Carolina Evacuation Information

Myrtle Beach Evacuation Preparedness for Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

The City of Myrtle Beach is prepared in the event a hurricane or other disaster strikes.

The Disaster Operations Center phone number is (843) 918-1400, but this number is active only when a storm threatens and the emergency plan is active.

Evacuations are done by zones A, B and C - Zone Map

If you live:

  • From Myrtle Beach International Airport south to Surfside Beach - use S. C. 544.
  • From Myrtle Beach International Airport north to Mr. Joe White Avenue - use U. S. 501.
  • From Mr. Joe White Avenue North to Briarcliffe Acres - use U. S. 22 (Veterans Highway).
  • From Briarcliffe Acres to Little River - use S. C. 9.

  • Plan for Evacuation:
    When you evacuate, you may want to stay with friends or relatives who live in a safer place, away from the ocean. Myrtle Beach Evacuation route map. Or you may go to a public shelter.

    List of Evacuation Shelters with addresses. Public shelters are usually in buildings like schools or churches. People may stay for a few hours or overnight. Volunteers, like the Red Cross, set up these shelters with beds and hot food so people will have a safe place to stay if they must leave their homes in an emergency. Our Webcams in Myrtle Beach SCDOT live streaming web cams keep you updated on traffic conditions during evacuation.

    If your family goes to a public shelter, the most important items to take are a portable radio, blankets, an extra change of clothing, and some packaged quick-energy foods like raisins and granola bars. You may also want to take a book or small game.

    Your family should plan what they would do if an evacuation is ordered. Some things to do ahead of time include:
  • Keeping the gas tank as full as possible during hurricane season. In an evacuation, fuel may be hard to get.
  • Arranging a ride with nearby neighbors or relatives if your family does not have a car.
  • Planning in advance to stay with friends or relatives who live inland on higher ground if you need to evacuate.
  • Learning the recommended evacuation route from your home to safer, higher ground. Local radio and television stations will tell you where to go during an evacuation, but you can learn the safest route ahead of time by calling your local emergency services office.

  • Below is the location of Horry County, South Carolina emergency shelters.

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