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Plantation House Of Pancakes
Breakfast And Coffee House Review

Plantation House Of Pancakes Review, Hours of operation and directios to Plantation House Of Pancakes in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

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Plantation House Of Pancakes, Breakfast And Coffee House Review

Plantation House Of Pancakes Review, Hours of operation and directios to Plantation House Of Pancakes in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

Plantation House Of Pancakes: On Kings Avenue in Downtown Myrtle BeachRating: A Very Big Disappointment for Customer Service and Restaurant Management

Directions to Plantation House Of Pancakes in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Plantation House of Pancakes - 3.9
1501 S Kings Hwy
Myrtle Beach, SC 29577
(843) 448-6522
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Plantation House Of Pancakes Restaurant Review

I am funny when it comes to pancakes. First off, I don't really care for them. I would never fix them at home. Yes, I know, I don't fix anything at home, for any meal, other than maybe a donut and coffee. Honestly, I went decades without eating a pancake. It is not my thing.

BUT, when I do eat them, I have a procedure. I order eggs over easy, put the eggs on top of the pancakes, break the yolks, and use the running yolks for my syrup. The eggs part is where I get really fussy. I don't want runny egg whites they have to be cooked. I don't want hard egg yolks or I won't have my 'syrup'.

In other words, they have to be perfect over easy eggs, according to industry standards, nothing less. Because I am so fussy about it, I explain this to the wait staff when I order, and I tell her/him up front if the eggs don't arrive as ordered, they are going back. I have been disappointed way too many times in the past, so since we began the road tour, I give them heads up.

That was the case also at the Plantation House Of Pancakes. I had the breakfast with pancakes. I told our waitress, who was obviously offended at my order and in turn very annoying. Now, before I move on to the eggs I would like to offer a disclaimer, she is the largest reason this restaurant's poor rating.

This woman was run, run, run, like she was in a marathon. She had three tables, as did the other server. The other server who was slow, methodical and quiet, handled her tables with talent. This one, couldn't keep up though she was in a near sprint constantly. Everytime she walked by our table she would look at us and say "OK", very loudly. She did this about 20 times, before our food arrived ,and it was very disruptive to our conversation.

I take it that this was her, not-so-mental note, that we were alright, and needed nothing. But, we were having a business conversation, a working breakfast if you will, and we were not able to get much accomplished in this otherwise quiet restaurant. Once the food arrived, she didn't come near us again. We just sat and watched her one woman, three-ring circus.

When the food did arrive, one of my eggs was over easy, the other was over medium, actually it was over hard on one side, and that was obvious from looking at it. Since I had enough runny yolk I didn't send it back. I really just wanted to get out of the place and away from the disruptive waitress. So, we didn't get more coffee, I didn't get more water, and pancakes without ample water are not good.

Now, had we had these problems, and the owner/manager NOT been on the floor, I would have likely given this restaurant more points. But, he was on the floor, sitting with some customers, and was looking around alot. In fact, once he got up from the table of customers, he began cleaning the tables the runner couldn't manage. He walked past our table numerous times, and still we didn't get water or coffee refills.

The buck stops at managment for quality control. So, I hold him personally accountable in this case. He lost extra points for his failure. If he is not concerned with our satisfaction, looks at our table, sees empty glasses and at minimum asks if we need more beverages, that is not a good sign, no matter who the waitress is, or what food we order.

The food was ok. Nothing special. It has a decent breakfast but service is poor. The few customers there at 9am tell me we are not the only people that find Dennys is better for breakfast, especially for light fluffy pancakes. Breakfast was under $15. No tip to the waitress, the first time I have done that in a long time. I do not reward bad service. However, I am very generous when it comes to tipping for excellent service.

Having worked as a waitress for several years when I was young, I understand how much those tips add to the level of income. As well, having given poor service when I was learning, and having customers leave me a penny on the table, indicating I gave poor service, I completely understand why a waitress should get no tip. It is part of her learning process. When I didn't get a tip, I will acknowledge, I gave poor service and deserved no tip.

Tipping is done to reward the level of food and service received. When the wait staff bring the food out, it is up to them to check the plates to see if the meal was prepared as ordered. If they bring food that is poorly or incorrectly prepared, then the fault lands not only on the chef but on the wait staff as well. The wait staff should be seen and not heard. She could learn a few things from Liz.

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