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Myrtle Beach View Advertising

Myrtle Beach View Advertising - Myrtle Beach View was launched in late 2005 as a small family-run website with a small amount of visitor information targeted to snow birds.

Beginning in September 2014, Myrtle Beach View began an extensive renovation and expansion targeting not only visitors but residents as well. We have added thousands of images and hundreds of videos, promoting every aspect of life in Myrtle Beach for residents and visitors.

In late 2016, we launched video restaurant review in order to combat the wide spread problem of fake product reviews on the Grand Strand. Google and Yelp are loaded with fake reviews, both fake good reviews and competitor faked bad reviews. It's hard for the consumer to know the truth before spending their hard earned money.


If you are confident your business is the best in your category, invite us to do a video review. We will arrive at your business, video our visit from beginning to end without editing, during low season when your business should be best prepared for the best possible customer service.

Things that will be obvious include how long it took to be greeted by a hostess, how long it took to get table service, food and beverage appearances and the time period between each course arrival. It will be obvious if the server was attentive and if your dining area, restroom and kitchen were clean.

We arrive unscheduled and unannounced, giving our visitors a verified honest video review. You can set your business apart from the rest who have shilled their online reviews with fake reviews, by show casing our video review of your business, which will be posted on our website.

Contact us to discuss our free video reviews.

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